Submitting turn moves

Format for Turn submission:

1) Resources generated (As supplied by the GM. If there is a dispute between what you think should have been generated and what the GM generated, mention it, and the reason why here)
2) Upkeep Costs (List a by-line of what Jack Marshals are being bought, and what characters’ upkeeps are being paid for. Include a total paid for upkeeps)
3) Allocate points to locations: (Give a By-line list of how many points left-over from upkeeps are going to which hexes)
4) Declare advances/submit turns (In the following format: Hex A2 Advances on Hex B3 with 13 resource points)


1) 10 (Capitol)
3 (Town)
3 (Town)
15 (Surviving army points)
12 (Territory value as generated by GM)
43 Total to Spend

2) 6 (Dirty Meg) Buy
2 (Rutger Shaw) upkeep
11 (Avatar of Menoth) upkeep
19 Total Spent

3) 8 to Hex E6
9 to hex B3
7 to hex A1
24 Total Spent

4) Hex A1 Advances to Hex A2 with 25 points (to include Harbinger)
Hex B3 advances to Hex C2 with 17 Points (to include Rutger Shaw)
Hex E6 advances to Hex E5 with 14 Points (to include Dirty Meg)

Submitting turn moves

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