Unit limitations

Here are listed various campaign restrictions

*A player may NEVER have more than 1 Warcaster in it’s entire campaign army at a single time.
*In the event of a Warcaster death, a different warcaster from the faction can be chosen. This warcaster starts at the capitol city before resource points are calculated

Jack Marshals
*A player may purchase a Jack marshal character at 3 times the point cost.
*A player may purchase no more than 1 Jack Marshal each campaign turn
*All purchased jack marshals start at a capitol city under the player’s control
*Jack Marshal Purchases must be done before Resource points are allocated to Hexes

Character Units
*Characters are unique in that only 1 of each kind may be in play at any given time. This means that mercenary characters will be available on a first-come, first serve basis.
*Characters have an upkeep cost in that they must be re-bought each campaign turn.
*If a character Unit dies, it can no-longer be re-bought for the rest of the campaign (Barring special circumstances by the GM)
*Character units that are bought must start at a town or capitol that the player owns.
*Character units can be moved by themselves, or as part of a Jack Marshal or Warcaster army.
*If a character is a Jack Marshal, it can move with resource points as a jack marshal normally can.
*Character Jack Marshals start at the capitol like all other Jack Marshals.

Field Allowances
*Field allowances (With the exception of characters) only apply to each individual battle. That is, it’s possible to exceed your field allowance of a unit when looking at the campaign army as a whole, but each sub-army in the campaign will still be within regulations for FA.

Unit limitations

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