Iron Kingdoms Skirmishers is a campaign set in Privateer Press’ “Iron Kingdoms” world, home of the famous Warmachine/Hordes Table-top miniatures game. Here will be the chronicles of the various factions as the campaign plays out. Included will be the rules of the campaign game-turns, Battle reports (written in both a simplified graphical notation and a narrative story), and story narratives (with TLDR synopsis) of individual character RP sessions (Similar to D&D sessions).

This campaign is being designed for 3 to 4 players, and will generate an “Escalation league” style game-play, where as the game continues on, the armies will grow, with each side having a secret goal to win the campaign, in addition to the public goal of destroying/subduing the opposing factions’ capitol city. Players will compete on a risk-style hex-map to gain territories (and thus resources for their armies), and will conduct D&D style character “raids” to acquire unique items/abilities that can be used in the battles to come. To begin in February of 2014

20 Nov 2013
Campaign page created! Woo! The campaign will be scheduled to be ready to play in February of 2014. Until then, the rules, map, characters, and world will be fleshed out on on a semi-weekly basis

Iron Kingdoms Skirmishers