Campaign turn


1) Generate Resources
2) Upkeep
3) Allocate points to locations
4) Declare advances/submit turns
5) Battle (The fun part)
6) Submit battle reports to GM
7) Receive world map updates

I) Generate Resources

  • For each territory you control, roll 1d3 (This will be done by the GM and the total resource points generated will be given to each player at the same time as the updates to the map are released).
  • For each capitol you control, receive 10 resource points
  • For each town you control, receive 3 resource points

II) Upkeep

  • New Jack Marshals can be purchased at this time at 3 times unit cost in resource points
  • Character Units can be bought at this time. A Player can only buy one Mercenary character each game-turn, but can buy unlimited faction characters (Obeying the unique character rule)
  • Character Units surviving from the last campaign turn must be re-bought. Any that are not are removed from the campaign board. Character units removed in this way may be re-bought at a later time.

III) Allocate Points to locations
*At the start of each turn, every hex without a warcaster or jackmarshal you own starts off with 11 resource points (That is, the points for hexes without these characters are reset every campaign turn)
*Hexes with warcasters and/or Jack Marshals from the previous turn have resource points equal to their surviving army size.
*In the case of a retreat, the hex’s resource points is equal to 11 + the value of the surviving army size.
*Once you generate resources, allocate as many points as you wish to any hexes you control, distributed however you see fit
*In this sense, the armies (with the exception of character units) are not “Static” and can change from battle to battle. This reflects the idea of local lords supplying various men, weapons, and equipment to your army, and the oft forgotten camp and camp-followers who are employed to repair equipment, and craft various materiel for the army.

IV) Declare advances/ submit turns
*There will be a no-later than submission date for the first 3 phases. If all the players are finished early, the GM will publish campaign phase 4 early. This phase is planned to occur from Monday to Noon on Wednesday.
*Any hex you control which has a Jack Marshal or Warcaster can advance on an enemy hex.
*You must commit a minimum of 11 resource points during an advance on enemy territory.
*Any resource points not used in an advance will be left behind. (Example: Khador has allocated 28 resource points to a hex that borders on Cryx Territory. Khador decides to advance onto the Cryx hex with 18 resource points. This leaves 10 resource points behind in the hex that declared an advance)
*Warcasters must advance with a minimum of 11 resource points, even when traveling in friendly territory
*Jack Marshals can advance in friendly territory with 0 resource points following them if they choose
*If you advance into friendly territory, add the resource points you advanced with to the resource points already located in that territory. _(Example: Cygnar has a Jack Marshal advancing from a Cygnar hex with 17 resource points into a Cygnar hex with 11 resource points. The jack marshal decides to advance with 9 resource points. When the advance is resolved, the Jack marshal will have 20 resource points on the hex he entered, and 8 resource points on the hex he left.)

V) Battle
*Within 24 hours of the submission of Campaign phases 1-3, each player will be told whom they are fighting, which hex, and what size army they are facing (details on characters/warcasters are known only to the GM, and will be revealed to each other’s opponent during the day of game-play)
*There will be a “no later than” date for all battles to be conducted. schedule your games to accomodate this. The GM will allow a minimum of a 5 day period for gaming. The planned battle days are to be Wednesday through Sunday.
*Use the amount of resource points you have in the hex as the number of points to build your army list with.
*The scenario is to be randomly generated from a list of any of the possible scenarios. Players may choose to stick to the “Core” 6 scenarios in the Warmachine Prime book, or can use a scenario from the expansion books. It is up to both players of each battle to choose which battles are to be randomly selected from.
*You can only include a jack marshal in your army list if you have one in that hex.
*You can only include your warcaster in your army list if you have it in that hex.
*The terrain used must reflect the terrain on the world-map. if there is a river and a lake, a river and a lake must be present on the table. if the hex is covered in a forest, there must be multiple forests on the table. If there is a large mountain, mountainous terrain must be present on the table. if there is a village, multiple buildings (no fewer than 4) must be on the table
Example: Menoth advances a warcaster with 27 Resource Points into a Cryx hex with 19 resource points and no jack marshal or warcaster. Menoth must use their warcaster in this fight, and Cryx is not allowed to use either their warcaster or their jack marshal when putting together their 19 point army list. The hex has a village next to a river and some woods, so the two players must have at a minimum, a river, some forest terrain and 4 buildings during the battle.

VI) Submit Battle Reports to the GM
*On the same day the game was played, both players will submit a bat-rep to the GM (No later than noon of Monday), to include:

  • Who won
  • How it was won (assasination or by completing the scenario)
  • The point value of each army that is left on the table at the end of the game
    Any Characters that were killed in the battle
    If a battle is considered critical by the GM, a turn-by turn battle will be required. Critical battles will be determined by the GM when phase 4 battles are revealed to the player

VII) Receive World Map Updates
*Within 24 hours of the the “No later than” game-day being complete, the GM will publish a map-update, along with resource point generations for the next campaign turn. This is planned to occur on each Monday evening of the campaign, but may occur earlier if all battles have been reported before then
*Any battles which were failed to have been reported by at least 1 side before the deadline will be treated as a draw.
*The world map will contain a partial “Fog of war” in that territories controlled by each faction will be view-able by all, but where specific jack marshals, characters, and warcasters are (and how points are being allocated each turn) will not be listed. Players will need to encounter these characters in battle to determine their location.

Campaign turn

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