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This is the wiki Main Page. It serves as an index for the various parts of the campaign.

Game Rules

Campaign turn
Unit limitations
Submitting turn moves
Resolving battles
Resolving Character Defeat or Death

The Story Thus far

These sections will contain narrative overviews, as seen by each faction, of what has happened to the faction’s gains and losses in the campaign, as well as a turn-by turn battle report watered down to which armies fought, with how many points on each side (and army list) and who won, along with what the losses were on each side.

Turn Summaries
Crusades in His name (Menoth)
Empire’s Glory (Khador)
Chronicles of the hunt (Retribution of Scryah)
A Journeyman’s Tale (Cygnar)
The Soul Harvest (Cryx)

Characters of the Kingdoms

Here you will find the PCs and NPCs of the campaign with a player written biography that ties their warcaster’s established background into the campaign, as well as significant events which occurred to the character during the campaign.

Main Page

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